Bunny Straw (Single)

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Bunny Straw (Single)


Did you ever hope that there was a tiny glass love bunny chillin' on your glass straw? Wish : GRANTED

5 Good Reasons
to use a handmade glass straw.

1. Reusable, Sustainable - less waste.

2. Toxin Free - No BPAs from plastic to leach into your clean drink (hot or cold).
3. Quite Durable - Made of Pyrex, the strongest glass commercially available. Kid friendly. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe.

4. Unexpectedly Luxurious - enjoyably artful.

5. Better Taste - glass does not affect the taste of what you are drinking the way that plastic does.

6. BONUS - They're awesome!

Sarinova Glass Straws are made of borosilicate glass (same as Pyrex), and kiln annealed for maximum durability. Each straw comes with a specially designed cleaning to brush to keep your glass straw clean and sparkling inside and out. 

Custom requests for matched sets are always welcome as well!

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