k.a.nadian Yellow Octopus Straw

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yellow octopus special order straws.jpg
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k.a.nadian Yellow Octopus Straw


The one on the right!

Every Octopus is melted and made by hand at the torch, and each one is unique.

Sarinova Glass Straws are made of borosilicate glass (same as Pyrex), and kiln annealed for maximum durability. Each straw comes with a specially designed cleaning to brush to keep your glass straw clean and sparkling inside and out.  Request a color combination, or let us surprise you!

Available in any custom length, or standard 8-10".

For any special requests, or matched sets please specify in the comments box.

5 Good Reasons
to use a handmade glass straw. 

1. Reusable, Sustainable - less waste.

2. Toxin Free - No BPAs from plastic to leach into your clean drink (hot or cold).
3. Quite Durable - Made of Pyrex, the strongest glass commercially available. Kid friendly. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe.

4. Unexpectedly Luxurious - enjoyably artful.

5. Better Taste - glass does not affect the taste of what you are drinking the way that plastic does.

6. BONUS - They're awesome!


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